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Monday, February 28, 2011

91 Last Words

Tommy Hewitt took me aside. “Joey is an old friend of mine. You are Joey’s friend. A friend of my friend is a friend to me.”

That was peculiar, but not too weird. “Yeah, Joey is the first friend I met at McClang High. Dude can frigging dance. Chicks love him.”

Tommy said, “Yup. They sure do. But he loves them more. Especially one.”

The bonfire awoke with a loud swoosh of gasoline ignition. But even as my face began to grow hot from the flames half a football field away, I just stared at him. I knew what he meant.

He went on, looking into the fire. “Katheena was a freshman when we first met, but she was already a firebrand.. She must have earned her wings in junior high, or somewhere else, because she took over the school from the beginning.”

I thought of how she walked through the halls of C.L. McClang High in her leather jacket, with the belt undone, hanging to the left, smacking everyone in the thigh or balls as she passed. Her trademark was that she didn’t give a fuck.

But she had not met her mettle, yet.

“Yeah, I can imagine, Tommy.”

He turned to me. “It’s one thing to imagine, but it’s another to be fucked over. You agree?”

I had to agree.

Then he said, “Well, let me tell you what I figured out about her. It made things a little better.”

Bryan tugged Sean along and they stopped in front of Tommy Hewitt and me. “Hey you two, ya gotta come check out something.” Bryan was clear and concise, all of a sudden.


Sean reached out his hand, “Hi. You’re Tommy, right?”

Tommy smiled and shook Sean’s hand. “I guess my reputation precedes me. You must be Sean.”

Sean nodded. “This is Bryan’s party, so anything he says, goes. Now he’s telling me to get naughty. But I won’t get naughty without Willie Boy here. What d’ya say, Willie Boy? Ya wanna get naughty?”

Tommy’s eyebrows went up, but I only laughed. “Fuck yeah.”


Jerry took up the whole side of the dining room table, with his back to the wall. I don’t know how you feel about it, but that is how I sit at a table in a restaurant or any place that isn’t my own home. Well, OK, I sit that way at home as well. Eyes on the doors.

Never leave your back unprotected. When others depend upon you for their safety, then you must not let them down. Your back is to the wall, so you can keep an eye on things.

Jerry motioned folks to make room for me and Sean. “Hey,” he said, and motioned for us to sit across from him. He did not giggle. In fact, he was kinda scary. Well, more than usual. He was the focus of everyone’s attention. He liked that.

I guess he always did. Why the hell does anyone wear leather with spikes, chrome shin guards on their boots and drive a fucking hearse as a personal automobile?

To get attention. But if you do it in this manner, then you should be ready for a fight.

Jerry loved to fight.

He would have plenty of fun tonight.

We fuckers sat down at the cock-punch table and started a new tribe. This would not be a good thing.

No links for you today. Just the Big Game. Get your ribs and wings going baby.

See you next time, here at Richie Fowler’s Mighty TDC.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, one here for ya, from Dotta.


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