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Monday, February 28, 2011

78 Dubus Jam

Well hey there you Enjoyer of the willies, here's something for ya on a Wednesday from the weekend guy.



Shit oh well.

Before I ask you what are video games teaching our children, in the very last link below, here's a tune while you get your java ready.

Then I'll tell you about how I get my java.

Press play. I like the video quite a bit, myself.

Every Tuesday is Air Quality Sample Recovery Day for me. As you know, I am the air quality scientist for my tribe. I friggin love this job. Today was zero degrees F, before the whipping wind chilled me to the bone.

Every Tuesday I drive three hours into Carrabassett Valley to the station I operate up there with the four robotic devices. The “station” is actually just those devices in the middle of a field, and I use snow shoes to reach it, along with a bunch of heavy supplies in carrying cases in each hand. This hard work helps me to work off the body fat from the hops and yeast.

On the way, I stop by a little shop that buys coffee beans from around the world, and there, they roast the green beans into lovely magic.

I buy my coffee whole bean. Grind your own for the best flavor. It’s easy, before each pot o’ java. The ten dollar Braun grinder I purchased in 1992 still works like the first day. I like the South American smoothness of Nicaragua, and my bro in law enjoys the Tanzanian one, pretty strong.

If you drink your coffee black like I do, there are many flavors of the different coffee beans of the world to enjoy without putting hazelnut and such in there. If you lighten and sweeten it up, no worries; you will discover something very good.

They’ll grind it for you, if you like, before they send it off to you. Of course, buying direct from the roast house will get you a very low price, which makes sense since I am driving by there anyways.

We go through at least a pound and a half each week. But I pick some up for others as well.

Please don’t tell me that you use instant coffee. I’ll hunt you down.

Hey! Someone's got a gun! Back up! Back Up!

And yes, this valley is where you may find Sugar Loaf Mountain, where folks got injured. I promise, your weekend bud "willies'" had nothing to do with it. I like the black diamond trails.

I go down straight, no turns, you should know. Ask my lady. She likes to take it slow, herself.

What the hell you thinking, chummy?



Respect Authority. Authority is kewl. OBEY.



Top Space Jokes Thread. Some ads may be slightly nsfw, but not bad.

City where the future has already happened. Dubai. Cool site. Ads: again, slightly nsfw… make your window smaller.

For our U.S. Warriors, in case you return home in need of some help: Robotic design that can help you learn to walk again.

Antidote. Some good old 16 bit pixel art. Remember games that had 16 bit rendering? Has that much time passed? Really? Wow...

This family pet knows 1,000 words. Nice.

Cool pics of “People Living Underwater.” Illusory, ya know…

15 funny street art thingies. Again with the slightly nsfw side ads…

Rocket Powered Car Plow. Myth Busters have the best job in the friggin world.

Now check this video out below. What, indeed, are we teaching our Nation's Children? Is it truly a fun pastime, or is it to teach them how to kill, and enjoy it?

First Person Shooter Game Video. Huh. With short ad first. Turn down your speakers. It’s kinda too real. Scary.

What are we teaching our kids?


God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, one more for ya.

From my Lady Lisa to you.

Antidote, Manual Labors. Noah Eli Gordon. Poetry. Yup, first poetry site ever posted on TDC. Won't ever happen again. Peace, yo.


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