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Monday, February 28, 2011


Why was this German chick Mothering me?

Perhaps you will guess, if you haven't already.

Lorelei and I walked the hallways talking about the difference between Murrican Music, and German Punk Rock, in that old and venerable institution called C.L.MacLane, back there in the the high desert megalopolis of Fuckno.

I asked her about The Scorpions, and she didn't know who they were.

She asked me about Kraftwerk, which surprised me. Joey knew them, and I did as well, through him.

They performed ugly industrial Moog-and-8-bit-'puter songs that had a pulse, but not quite a human heartbeat.

You see, Lorelei was underground Punk in her country, and I had recently become a Valley Dude. Can I get a Amen, Spiccoli?

Check this shit out:

When ever we saw Kabeeeeacha and her German Ivan-a-Pump-You-A-Lot, well.... Lorelei would look only at Him.



You guessed it correctly.

When the foreign exchange students arrived in Fuckno, Ivan broke up with Lorelei once he saw Kaneetha.

Why do you think I call that megalopolis Fuck No?

Well, there are many other reasons, for why I will never, ever visit there again.

You will see why, if you keep following along on this trail of tales I have been telling you all these years.

But here, two Beautiful Betrayers against two "Chust So Sad" under dogs. Pretty pathetic.

Lorelei didn't want me to be sad anymore, because she didn't want to be sad anymore, either.


Bitch was using me.

Can I get a Karma Hey Now What The?

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