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Friday, February 3, 2012

172 Moon Cabin : : : Weekend At Willies : TDC WEAW

This part of the tale can be started here with no harsh on you.

However, if you have the inclination to partake, why not start here for the beginning of this whole thing, if you care to read. That would be quite nice of you.

If you choose to partake of those two above chapters, here is some help:

Katheena was my best friend, and even though I wanted to "enjoy" her again, she had some lessons for me. You see, I was about to call her out for being a cheating bisexual.

This chapter starts here. Imbation.

We would go on, with my other friends, Joey and Sean, and his side kick (bitch) Tellesco, to cause mayhem. A certain ghost chick (Lorelei) would be a part of it.

Too much? No Worries.

It will all make sense as we go along.


Whatever you do, thank you for reading, and "listening" to my tale.

I have no reason to post my writings here other than to give you a long, thick, solid mental escape out of your weekend.

True that, baby.

My best teacher ever was Mr. McChesney, and he taught his English class to many kids each year (including a poor Injun who found himself at Roosevelt High in Fresno CA, back in '83) and he thought I should write more of my stories. It's because of you that I still do. Why I say this is because you expected only the best from us learners, and while you were exact and precise, you also showed us why we should take pride in whatever we did well. You had an impact on me and many others. You made a difference, and it counts. Rest well, Mr. McChesney. Taho.

Are you all set? Got your imbation going on?

Let's go, baby. This shit is about to get freaky.

Click play and let me drive you.

Spinnerette. Ghetto Love. Brody Dalle. Fuck Yeah

Glinty McFlintlock reached across me and grabbed Sean with both hands and hauled him out of the carriage. My jaw dropped. Skinny old fuck had one hell of a strong back I guess.

He carried Sean like a baby off to his old cabin, nestled against the inside of the crater in deep shadow. Only the lights from the oil lanterns from the windows were visible. They gleamed like bright stars in the absence of atmosphere.

You know that the lovely Moon has one-sixth the gravity of the Earth. This means that things there weigh a sixth of what they do here. Sean weighed only 40 pounds in Glinty’s arms.

I remembered that moon stuff from the physics class I was taking. I jumped down from the black carriage and didn’t land on the soil as quick as I was used to.

When I landed, I flexed my legs to cushion the blow from the jump as usual, but then shot straight up a good six feet.

I was Superman.

If Sean hadn’t freaked me out with his eyes all going off in different directions just before he went away in his head, I would have flown the coop. I would have leaped around the whole moon.

I stretched my back and reached up wide, yawning. It was a good, big yawn.

Over head, the stars looked to be within reach. It was a bit much to take in. I could make out each of them stars, and the ones beyond. The depth of space could be seen. I felt dizzy and like I could slip off the surface of the ---

---off the surface of the moon?

What the hell was going on?

I remembered that I was dreaming.

This was all a dream.

That made me feel better.

I shrugged off eternity and stalked forward.

Beyond the old dusty carriage I met the huge black horse.

His mane was blue flame that slowly unfurled its licks. He swung his head around towards me. He snorted, stamped his front right hoof, and then he inhaled deeply.

He was regarding me.

I had no desire to touch him let alone pat him, and I kinda figured he didn’t want me to.

I snorted, stamped my foot, and inhaled right back at him.

There was no response. He swung his head back around to the cabin and stood like a black, salt pillar.

Fuck it. I walked on past him and then he nipped my rear end.

What the fuck?

I jumped away, facing him, rubbing my butt cheek. He shook his head around and up and down and snorted and I thought he was laughing at me.

Fuck him.

Fucking asshole.

Two good leaps and I landed at the front door of Glinty’s moon cabin. Sean was inside. He needed my help.

“You young whipper thnapperth are in for a magical exthperienth…”

Well, OK, then. Fuck it all. Let’s do this shit.

Staind. Outside.

Tellesco chugged his powerful Jeep with the giant tires through the soaked desert silt and his beast climbed up onto the old crumbly tar. The watery girl slipped her cold fingers around his forearm and she pointed at the car with the headlamps still glowing.

He looked at it. He looked back at her and nodded.

Then he jumped out, barefooted, and ran to the car. The rain pounded down even harder as he made his way along to it, and it hurt his bent over back. He climbed in and then he put her in drive. He punched down on her fun button and she lurched forth, landing in the mud and going no further. She was off the road, and she sank a bit.

He shut her down and clambered back out. He wanted to get back to the pretty lady whom he wanted to kiss.

When he got back to his Jeep, she was gone.

He looked back at the car, back at the seat in the Jeep, back at the car, back at the seat, and tears welled up in his eyes all over again.

“Boo Hoo!”

Aw, jeez. Come on.

+ + + + + +

Fat Jerry saw them blurs of light in his rearview mirror, and his hunger grew as they neared. His tongue flicked over his grin.

In his hunger, he felt a stone in his craw.

He tried to ignore it, but he felt its cold fingers around his throat.

He had miles to go, and debts to pay.

He would have to let his pleasure await, and even dissipate, and take care of some shit.


Fuck shit.

Fuck him.

He growled, and he put his hearse into gear.

Business first.

He drove off away, to the other lump.


+ + + + + +

Glinty turned to look at me when I entered, and then he bent back over Sean’s head on the wooden table.

I closed the door and looked around. The inside of the place looked pretty much how you would expect a cabin from the Gold Rush Era to appear.

Honey-patina logs with once-white chinking between them, a stone fireplace and hearth on the right wall, and rough-hewn furniture about.

The simple tables held oil lamps here and there, and a black bear-hide stretched on the wooden floor in front of the fireplace.

Inside the fireplace was a cauldron on a swing arm, (peas and porridge, five days old) and other black iron pots and pans hanging on the wall nearby.

One thing seemed odd, and it was this: There sat a lectern against the wall on the other side, and near it, a tall cabinet with doors of inlaid glass.

Glinty muttered, “Thith boy ain’t long for the world. But we got thome talking to do. I gonna put a patch on hith noggin. It might chutht help out a bit.”


God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out

Soundgarden. Fell On Black Days.

See ya tomorrow for the END.


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