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Saturday, February 11, 2012



Glinty wiped his one good eye on his rag of an arm sleeve and then blew a snot rocket onto the floor beside him. He kept giggling a bit, but he recovered a little.

He sniffed, and then he leaned over Sean’s body and his smile was gone.

He said, “All truth is spoken in many languages. All things that are true are not shielded by dogma. The church is the shield between you and the truth. The Church exists for its own purpose. Dogma will fail us all.”

I rubbed my eyes, I was going away, baby.

He continued. “You can find the Truth. It exists in all of the faiths in the tiny blue marble. Do not let the words of Man get in the way.”

What the fuck? Fuck that shit. He sounded like Sunday or something.

He nodded. “You got it. Now hear me out.”

Hah? Nope. Time for a moon nap.

He raised his skinny arm up to swing his hand around to ring the church bells in my head yet one more time, but I stopped him with my own fist.

I whispered, “Fuck you, you freaky bastard.”

He rubbed his skeletal hand and looked shocked. He said, “You gonna need to hear me. You will fail if you don’t. You about to go down and out for the count, boy.”

Fuck him.

+ + + + + + +

Fat Jerry arrived at the smashed-up ’57. He bent back into it like before, and felt around on my body in the dark. He was looking for broken bones, but none caused by him.

I had none.

He grabbed me up with his huge meaty fists and yanked me right the fuck out of the crushed Chevy that had saved my life in a collision with the side of another car.

Never, ever play chicken.

It will not end well.

I was the reason that he was not able to go and have some bone-snapping fun with the headlights that loomed closer in the pelting rain.

It was because of my lump of a dead body that he actually saved both Sean and me.

He tossed my rag doll body into the back of his hearse, and I landed next to Sean, who was strapped down.

Fucking Jerry did not strap me in.

He was angry because he was thwarted.

He climbed in and sped off, away from his own version of fun.

That was when he saw a new set of lights headed towards him, and it was from the black hole of the desert night on the front side of his hearse.



= = = = = = =

Tellesco looked down at the empty seat beside him and felt like crying all over again.

He straightened up and saw some head lights grow brighter before him.

Fat Jerry.


Death was all around.

= = = = = = =

Glinty McFlintlock grinned. “You got me. I ain’t never figured you had it in you. But you do.”

I adjusted my tie.

He went on. “You being a red man and all, I figure you need to get back to your homeland. I underthand. But before you do all that, you might take a moment to take care of your people here.

“Your people who are in a bad way.

“You ain’t got much time, and neither do they.

“Now I’m gonna tell you about it all.

“You need to pay attention.”



God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.


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