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Friday, February 17, 2012

176 The Mettle Of Tellesco TDC WEAW Weekend At Willies


Feist. My Man, My Moon. Grizzly Remix.

I turned the knob and yanked that cabin door open.

The stars awaited. How odd to see the sun as it set in a black sky, while the stars gleamed without twinkling. It looked like them stars were trying to stare me down hard.

There were no clouds catching fire with orange and red as the sun set. Black sky, no blue.

The blue sky shields you from having to deal with how small and insignificant we are as we make our way through the day.

Eternity is spread out all the time overhead, but the blue sky hides it.

Infinity is a hard donut with your morning coffee or tea.

A blue shield blankets over our maze, as we scurry along looking for the cheese.

I strode out of that damn cabin and went to explore the moon. Why the hell not? Gonna die anyway. Might as well go where no one had gone before.

I scrunched down and then leaped forward as strong as I could.

I flew, baby, I fucking flew. There was no air so I did not have to flap my arms.

I arced over the surface of the waxing gibbous and looked below at the sharp shadows that indicated each rock, crater, and cave. What was inside those caves?

I wondered how much strength it would take to leap from the moon and then land on Saturn.

Only thing was, I could not make out where Saturn twirled in her pastel evening gown of stormy clouds and her hundred golden rings.

I couldn’t see any of the planets except for our own, and she was very big. The only other thing I could make out was our sun. He was not so near, but he was friggin hot as hell as he glared at me.

Talk about a temper.

The lunar surface loomed closer and I braced my knees for impact. I was headed for a crash.

+ + + + + + +

Tellesco saw those lights loom closer and he did not know what the fuck. He did not know that Fat Jerry was staring him down. There would never be anyone else like that punk bastard in our tiny realm, nor did there ever really need to be.

He simply existed like the planet Pluto, with her own moon Charon almost the same size, dancing in an eternal waltz together, way out where no one would ever suspect, hiding among the big chunks of broken stars, until it was time for that punk bastard to intrude and cause mayhem and disaster.

He enjoyed himself at the detriment to anyone else at all.

Fat Jerry didn’t know who was coming toward him, but he figured his odds were quite good at surviving a game of chicken with the poor fool who stood in his way.

He was supposed to be leaving the car crashes because he had bills to pay. A hearse such as his own was built like an ingot of iron, forged in the fires of the sun.

Tellesco would not have a chance.

Fat Jerry hated me for having to leave the party behind him early, but this new set of headlights before him was quite inviting, and he would not pass up this opportunity to dance with them lights.

= = = = = = =

Little Lion Man looked over at Katheena. She had stopped coughing, and she looked like she was feeling a bit blue.

He slammed down on the brakes and the Maserati Bora screeched long and loud in her disappointment.

He jumped out and ran around to her door, opened it, and pulled her up to him, close.

He tilted her head back and felt for a pulse in the side of her neck, star.

He clamped his eyes shut hard as if that would make his fingertips feel any better at all.


He pulled her leather away from her chest and pressed his ear down on her tit and he stopped breathing like she was doing at that time.

There it was.

Her heart was still beating.

It was a soft, tiny flutter.

He pinched her nose closed and opened her jaw up wide, and then he kissed her deep.

He gave her the kiss of life.

He filled her lungs with air.

God Bless Him.

Strange Behaviour featuring Tasha Baxter, by Feed Me.

I landed and rolled in the desert dust of the moon. It was not as hard a landing as I thought it would be. I weighed only a sixth of my weight there on the moon, if you recall.

I took in a deep breath, and then I stretched out and yawned really big. My body tingled.

The dust slowly settled all over me, and I felt drowsy and snuggly as I nestled and drifted off.

I had taken a dose of “Fuckitall” and was going to take a nice desert nap.

Then the ground shook.

I looked up.

An angry cowboy preacher glared down at me with his one eye, and he grabbed my left boot with his right hand. He pulled me up by that lone Doc Marten, swung me around and around again, and then he let me go.

I was flying again, tumbling head over arse. This is not a very graceful manner in which to fly, and I do not recommend it for you.

You probably know to where he had flung me.

Well I did too.


- - - - - - -

Tellesco looked down at the seat beside him as the headlights in front of him grew brighter. His new girlfriend was not there to guide him.

He did not have Sean to help him out of a jam either.

He looked back up at the lights and felt lost, like he was off on the moon or something.

He only thought of the promise he’d made to Sean, his savior, earlier. It was the only time Sean had made him promise such a thing.

Sean had made Tellesco promise to come save him.

Tellesco understood what it meant. Now he was the savior.

It was up to him to come back after the damage happened, and collect Sean and take him to the hostibal.

He would not let Sean down.

No matter what.

In this combination of fear and determination, he found his mettle.

Mettle can be found in you when you do something that is the right thing to do, even if it means personal danger. It could mean that you will lose every thing. You could lose your life.

Tellesco made such a decision.

Good for him.

Bad for him?

Huh, we will see.

But he did it.

He said YES to whatever awaited, and he hoped for the best.

YES, and thank you.

He hoped for the best.

Taho, Amen.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.


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