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Thursday, February 23, 2012

178 Bastard Cowboy Ghost

I looked up with tears in my eyes from the panic of dying from suffocation. Do Not Panic. The watery glimmer of a preacher-style cowboy hat shined high over me in the harsh light of the accusing Sun.

His hat looked like a skull for a planet, with a white ring made from tattered floss. It was the worst Saturn ever invented.

My diaphragm woke up taking little sips of air, and it eased the panic a bit, and I tried to gulp in the air. This did not work.

It sucked not well.

The ghost said, “Never thought I’d thee you run off to the hill like a yellow-bellied coward.” The rings wobbled left and right above me as he pointed off yonder to them high dunes of the crater.

I rolled over like a dog and wheezed harder on my elbows and knees. My air was coming back.

By a little.


He went on. “Leaving your buddy lying on the table at the end of life.”

I turned my head and saw his boot within reach. Before the next thought in my head came, he flung me with that very same boot under my armpit and I went tumbling off the roof and into the moon dust of the walkway to the little cabin.

A horse whinnied like it was laughing at me.


I coughed in the dusty little cloud from my fall and felt the cowboy preacher land beside me all over again.

This was getting old.

My breath was back, and I got to my feet, a bit wobbly.

Then I stood straight, put my arms out straight from my sides, and cocked one knee up slowly, letting my Doc Marten dangle between us both.

Glinty cocked his head and muttered, “Boy done lotht hith mind.”

I leaped up, stamped my raised foot down, and kicked him with the other boot.

He went flying back and landed in front of his horse. The horse whinnied and snorted again, nodding his head up and down.

What the hell?

Boy did that piss ole Glinty right the fuck off. He roared and I headed for the cabin door. Fuck that shit. Guess I’d never seen him pissed of before. His eyes looked like they were both full of flames. Even the empty one.

I swung the iron cross member down over to hold the door in place and ran over to Sean.

This will be continued...


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