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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Queen Of The Desert Ch 6 Katheena Rides

Katheena hugged me, and even though I knew she was a ghost, her body felt quite hot and curvy on the bottom part.  

A certain consideration arose and it made a strong point.

Yeah, that was fucked up.

If I Had a Tail   by Q O T S A   

Hey, I could feel her body under the cloak she wore, and it reminded me of when we’d been together, and how she’d…

Katheena said, “Will!  What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

I said, “It ain’t thinking here.”

She pushed me away, but she had her goofy, honest grin back. 

I composed myself.

Katheena pointed at them bastard punks and said, “Two of those guys are butt-naked over there.”

I looked at Tellesco pulling the angry punk rocker from the utility vehicle. 

I said, “Yeah, they been fist-fighting each other.”

She said, “That is one fucking odd way to fight.  What you boys been doing out here in the desert dunes anyways?”

I said, “Digging.”

Katheena shook her head and looked up into my eyes.  She said, “That really makes it sound bad, Will.”

I would have to agree.


I was just a little bit taken aback by her.



Dreams I’ll Never See   by Molly Hatchet     

Hey, don’t look at me that way.  I didn’t write this: the story has.

She said, “I need my ride and that fat punk rocker needs his as well.”  She was talking about her lovely gold Firebird with the huge black decal on the hood that she’d named Orion.

  I had re-named it Phoenix, you know.

I said, “Them cars?  They both dead!  One been drowned in a swimming pool and the other drowned in the desert,

…like you have been.” 


She said, “Don’t you need your own car?”

I felt weak in the knees.


None of this was possible.  There would be way too much work involved in reclaiming all of those vehicles.  There was no time.  War Done Begun, according to The Glinty’s odd vernacular. 

I said, “Katheena, we ain’t got time to get them autos.”

She said, “Will.  You listen here now.  You never just charge ahead.  You will fail if you just run in to a fight, no matter how strong you feel at the moment.  You need your arms if you want to swim.”

I said, “We got to get that huge angry guy tied up first!  We can’t just tell him we sorry for burying him in the desert!  I already told him I was sorry for killing his fucking hearse.  He didn’t like that at all.”

She said, “I’ll go talk to him.”

You know, Katheena could enter a party, charm each person there, and then she would leave with all the cool people.

I climbed down from the top of Glinty’s hearse wagon using the old iron hand rails and then I waited for her to come down.  I would help her, guide her with my hands on her voluptuous back side…

I stepped down and looked up.  But she didn’t come down them rails.

She was gone.

I looked over at Mayhem and he was eyeing me.  He just snorted and swung his huge head at the utility truck.  He nodded at it.

I looked over at them young men by the utility truck and saw Katheena stalking towards them.

I felt cheated.   I know, ghost-butt in my hands?  Jeez.

I ran to catch up to her.  I didn’t want to be left behind.

What the hell was she gonna do?  Maybe she had something in mind.

Them boys didn’t see her  (they couldn’t, yet…) but that angry punk rocker sure did.  He quit wriggling against all them boys holding him down in the desert dust and looked up beyond them.

He saw her.

Well fuck all, mistah man, she went right on over there and them boys didn’t care a whip.  They saw me coming and just turned back to that Fat Jerry when they felt him give up his resolve.  He must have started quivering.  So they and held him down even harder. 

Then they saw his face.  He was frightened.

They looked back at me.  Was I scaring him?

I caught up to Katheena and she looked down at him.

She said, “Look at you lying there in the desert dust, all swaddled up like a big baby.  You make a woman want to cuddle you!  How old are you, you snuggly thing?”

Them young men released their hold and sat back in astonishment when they heard Fat Jerry say, “Awww.  It’s been a while since someone babied me.  I’m a thousand years old, nice momma.”

What the hell was going on?

Oh yeah, I remembered.  Fat Jerry could turn on a dime.

Evidently, lovely Katheena knew how to spin a dime.

(Can’t Get My) Head Into You   by The Offspring  

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, Some More For Ya:

These are spoilers, so don't read.

The shack had once been somebody’s home.

Now it looked to be the sort of place where someone might have planted bodies in the dry desert dust, never hoping for them to rise, to be sown, or seen, again.

Glinty’s cabin was built atop a mass grave, as a testament, a monument in the desert.

There were tools inside the horse-stable that did not make much sense to anyone out here, but they were very important.

Katheena said, “you need to bring out the screw-top from your pocket.  From the broken latch.”

Always remember:

This is about the Power in the whole valley.  In this earlier chapter, Katheena’s ghost woke Joey up with a scream in his ear.  He was lying next to Patrick Till-Bury, and who was one of them Purple Robes.

You see, Patrick Till-Bury was an insider, loyal to them Purple Robes.  Would he convert?

Don’t forget about Sherry, who followed Kenny.

Don’t forget the little ghost girl, and don’t forget about Lorelei.

From here:

Photograph  by The Verve Pipe   .

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