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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Blind Hunger

Where No Eagles Fly   by Julian Casablancas and The Void  

He felt his teeth sink into her cheek as if in slow motion in a film.  Her blood flowed into his mouth and it tasted sweet.  He chewed it once and gulped it down, and then she-

She clawed at his face and dug into his eyes and he saw excruciating white light.  He pushed off from the grass about her head with his hands and then the worst thing happened to him.  He felt his eyeballs tear away from the inside of his skull.

He writhed in agony, rolling about on the side lawn, feeling his empty, spurting eyeholes with his fingers.

How dare she?

Rage erased his Walk-In cannibal hunger.  Vengeance burned in his brain.  He would tear her apart.

The pain in his face, inside his skull, burned like a face full of flaming oil.  He heard her scrambled off, making gagging noises as she tried to escape.

Fuck that bitch.  He reared back on his haunches and he screamed at the sky above.  He could not see, but he sure as hell could hear.  He bent over and dug his fingers into the dirt.  He ripped clods of sod out and threw it above, and then he went after her.

His scream was answered in kind.

It was close, but sounded far away.

A baby?

A soft, delicate, tasty little morsel?

Where was it?

It must be her infant.  She had brought it with her.  Stupid bitch.  Well, he thought to himself, I will make you pay in the worst way, vile woman.  Forget about wrestling with you anymore, angry cunt.  I can find my next meal, and it will be like eating veal.  Fuck you .




Emeralda felt the world slip sideways, like a ship that sank in murky waters on a moonless night.  Her prophesies had held true.  The dark times had come.

Her life winked out like a tiny candle, and she floated about above her body, watching the two animal-men near her body; one unconscious, and the other rolling about in pain.  Before the final light dimmed to complete darkness, she saw the one without eyes stop and rear up, and howl..

Then she saw him stop and turn his head towards her vehicle.

Her baby girl.

The Prophesies spoke of the eternal plane, and she had heard of this all of her life, from birth.  All of the language of the Armedmenians were teachings of this thing. All words pointed to the dark times.

Now she understood that such a thing existed for a single reason.

She looked about and saw sparks in the blackness.

One was quite near, and it moved toward the furthest one away.  That tiny one, off a bit in the distance, well, it glowed with remarkable clarity, like a newly faceted gem.

There was another spark, and it was closer.

She went to it and peered into it.  It was the first attacker.  She understood that this one was unconscious, and it could be her new vehicle.


She was now a Walk-In.

She would inhabit this new body.

What she did not know was that an evil man, the original cannibal,

-he had infected the Walk-In plane with his hunger.

She would have this infection as well.

She entered the body of her attacker.

She would protect her little girl.

She would search for her other daughter.

Emeralda understood what it meant to be a Walk-In.   

(This has always been Emeralda’s theme.)

God Help Us All.

---willies out.


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