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Monday, September 8, 2014

All Of US

It was the time of TRVTH.

Such an event occurs when the game has changed, and for those whom have not witnessed the ugliness of what the world will sometimes offer,


it is a reason to open our eyes as a whole.

Clarity and honesty can bring the most important thing of all,

which is this:


It was time to become United again, against impending threat.

We would bring doom to the desert of Fuckno.

All that we young punks felt, each without a good, clear understanding of the whole picture did not mean a thing if we were left without true leadership.

I guess that I had been waiting for the others in my close group to finally get fed up with our inaction and finally ask for forward direction.

Sometimes, you cannot lead until others want you to do such a thing.

It was time to become offensive.

It meant everything.

They looked to me.

They wanted me to protect and to lead us into the ugly war ahead.

We would prevail.  We had to.


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