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Sunday, October 6, 2013

TCC CH 17 Sunday School Cry Baby

Sunday School begins when all hope has left.

We should have simply run away.  That would have been the best thing; safety-wise.

The Glinty was gone, baby gone.

We should have lit-out like he did.

But do you know, you never leave a man behind.  A promise is a promise, baby.

Let’s go to school, shall we?

Warsaw  by Them Crooked Vultures   

That Tellesco dude pinned the angry punk in a half-nelson and pressed his face down into the desert sand.   


Tellesco struggled and re-adjusted his grips, but soon enough, that fat bastard he held down in a sleeper began to awaken in a rage.

The angry punk opened his left eye and he looked up at his attacker. His other eye was smashed down in the dirt, and this didn’t feel all that good to him.

He growled. 

He pushed at the ground. 

His temper made him feel hot and sweaty.

And dirty.

He usually enjoyed those sorts of things, but this time he didn’t.

He was supposed to be in control.

He began to rise.


That was the sound that the ground made beneath them both.  We could hear it and we could feel it in the heels of our boots.

Tellesco began to weep.


CH 17





There we were my friend, left behind by that Glinty dude.

It didn’t look good for anyone who might engage.   What would you have done?

Gawdayam, might as well go out with a bang, isn’t that right?  We damned punks ran to help out the only one who faced his fear.  

He was one huge angry punk, and he seemed to grow bigger with each breath he took.  He got up on his knees just when I dove at him.  Big Bryan followed me, and when the huge bastard knocked me back, I had the wind knocked out of me.  Bryan pulled me away and helped me catch my breath again.

But Joey, the Lion Man, well he leapt up and grabbed onto Fat Jerry’s big melon. 

That was enough for me.  I couldn’t catch my breath, but I got to my feet and charged at the Punk, and Tellesco fell away into the dirt.

He sat back up and wiped his eyes.  He couldn’t stop crying.

He looked over at us and said, “Sorry guys!  I mean…”

Then his eyes got big, with tears streaming down from them.  He looked over us all there fighting with the angry punk, and he said, “There is a blue fire coming!”

Do you know my friend, The Glinty did not abandon us.   He figured that we could fend for ourselves in this moment, and he was correct.

What we didn’t know was this: 

He had gone to collect them blue folks. 

It was their time to shine. 

This was the nexus of building an army.

We had no clue about that, but it couldn’t be helped.  It was the natural course of events, do you see?

When a man is left with nothing, only then will he find out what he has inside.  This is why you must accept each challenge that comes your way.

You may surprise yourself.  You may find that you have a limitless wealth of strength, built from the ore of what is true. 

It simply takes the furnace to burn away the floss, the flotsam, the jetsam, and the fluff.  Forget about showing off.  Try to find your mettle.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out

OK, One More For You.

Let’s go to school, shall we?

Mind Mischief   by Tame Impala  


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