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Saturday, September 28, 2013


We continue from the last part.  

Joey hopped down out of our escape vehicle.  We could have escaped…

That sort of behavior takes stainless-steel balls, huh?

Yup.  It truly does. You can run off, you can escape, you can leave all them men behind,


…sometimes, it’s worth it just to stick around and see what happens next.

Joey helped me grab Big Bryan and we dragged him to safety once again, but gawdayam, we couldn’t get him up into the truck.

He was too heavy and the steps were too high.

Joey looked me right in the eye.

He said, “We should have just driven away!  We could have gone Home!  You be seeing your Momma and your sisters now, and I be getting back to my own-“

I said, “And leave Bryan behind?!  What the fuck, Joseph!  You never leave a man behind!  Remember?!”

Joey looked over my shoulder and his eyes got real big.  He let Big Bryan slump down onto the desert dust.

He said, “Well, guess I don’t need to answer that now, Weeeee-ill.   We in for some shit.”

I let go of Bryan and turned around. 

That old cowboy, well he was the first to arrive.  He said, “You boys done busted up my barn!  Why’d you go and do that?!”

I said, “Mistah McFlintlock, why you never gotten your eye-glasses fixed?”

He stepped back. 

He eyed me. 

Then he nodded. 

He said this (and it is tantamount):  “Young fella, one lens is whole to see the Trvth and one lens broken for I can see the Broken.”

Fucking hah?

I said, “What about that scary dude we dug up from the desert?  What about him?  He’s trying to kill us!”

Glinty said, “Bad times ahead.  We got some bad times ahead for us all.  Shit’s hitting the fan.  That angry bastard figures into it all.”


Not good enough for the likes of me. 

I said, “You and him are up to no good.  I’m gonna takes my boys and head back now.  You stay here with that asshole all ya like.  Make him some pancakes.”

Joey pointed at Bryan.  He said, “Why did you lock up everything?  We trying to escape!  We fucked up here and now like him!””

Glinty said, “No one leaves until we all do.  Ya never leave a man behind.  None of us here will be left behind.  Ya know why?  Because we each of us matter!  We each of us can fight what awaits.  We each of us can become a force, together.  We just need to become a solid team.”


Believe   by The Bravery  

Evidently, we would have to help out the angry Punk who had wanted to kill us all just moments before.

We might convince him to see that we had a larger concern, which was this:

We all and each faced them Purple Robes.

Is a common fear ever enough to solidify a collective solution?

We will see, my friend.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For You:

My own gateway song to the addiction of QOTSA, first time I heard I heard them back in the day:


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