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Thursday, September 26, 2013


Judge Jury and Executioner  by Atoms For Peace  

Now we start from the previous chapter. 

I ran towards Joey and Bryan who were at the barn.  They were right, we should have just bailed.  Big Bryan kicked at the weather-beaten planks trying to get to the huge utility truck inside.  It was our escape vehicle.  Them barn doors would not budge.

I ran from Tellesco and Fat Jerry who were wrestling in the dirt, and I left the old ghost cowboy with his new friend in the dust.

My head was full and I needed a mental vacation.

It was because of what was beginning to dawn on me: we were at some sort of place where the points all led (or came back to, that is). 

A cabin in the desert? 

Who in hell would build such a thing in the middle of the desert? 

Well my friend, I recognized that it was a nexus. 

It’s like this:  You know how on most days, you do your daily tasks and go along and everything runs like clockwork: things come and you deal with them, but it’s mostly routine?

Well consider the nexus thing for a minute, would ya?  That thing is easy to recognize, from the moment you wake up.

Your alarm doesn’t do its job, so you wake up late.  The coffee maker didn’t make coffee, the shower has no hot water, and you forgot your towel.

Never forget your towel.

Now, that there describes a bad day, isn't that right.

However, it goes beyond a bad day.

A nexus is a day when you find yourself facing a sudden emergency just when you have a meeting with folks whom you've planned to meet for a long time, and then a long-lost friend arrives with a great opportunity for wealth, and you get a flat tire.

You see,

A nexus is a place where many things converge, and a time when many important things suddenly need you to engage with them, but you can choose only one of them.

A Nexus is like that.

This remote locale in the desert about the ugly city of Fuckno was such a thing.  And, wouldn’t ya know it, that Glinty bastard had already figured it out.  Here’s the part from where I’d first met him.  I was driving my girlfriend to this very same place in this part.  We met The Glinty there.

I reached Joey and Bryan and Joey said, “Weeee-ill!  Let’s get the fuck outta here!”

I said, “Joseph, let’s break a window.  That Glinty dude done locked up shit real tight.”

Big Bryan backed up and then he ran at the doors, pointing his shoulder at them.

He smacked into them doors and he bounced back and went straight down into the dust. 

He took a dirt nap.

We dragged that huge young man around the corner of the barn, away from harm.

Joey pulled me up, but I resisted because I wanted to see if Big Bryan was OK.

Joey said, “He’s all right, now come on!”

I followed him along the side of the giant barn.  He usually had the best ideas, the ones that could get you in the most trouble.

He pointed to them tiny windows up above.  He said, “Let’s get inside through them!”

I nodded.  They were much higher than before, when it once held a hearse under a tarp.   That was from the link I just showed you above, my friend. 

Joey said, “Help me get up to them!  Lace your fingers Weeee-ill!”

I bent and laced my fingers together as he instructed.  He put the heel of his Doc Marten into the cup of my hands and he placed his own his hands on the grey wooden wall.  I lifted him up.

The Little Lion Man said, “Look down Weeee-il!”  He smashed them windows open with his elbow, protected by his leather jacket. 

Always mind your leather.  It can save you.

The glass shards fell down all about my feet as I looked down. A couple of them caught me in the head, and blood dribbled down my cheek.  Fucking great.

Joey’s boot left my palms and I stepped back and looked up at him in the bright desert sunshine.  He pulled himself through the window hole and then he was gone inside.

I heard him land on the ground on the other side of this high wall, and then he ran off.  I felt the top of my head for glass shards, but there were none.  All I could feel was a damp part and a tiny hole in my scalp.  I pressed down on it to stop the flow of blood. 

The scalp has very many veins and arteries in it, and they will bleed quite a bit from a cut because they are at the top of your body, and there is a lot of blood pressure, against gravity.

But since they are small, they respond quite well to pressure, and then the knitting cells in the blood will clot and start to form a scab.  The human body is quite a marvelous construct.

I ventured a peek around the other side.

I saw this:

Tellesco and Fat Jerry were still fighting, but their adrenaline appeared to be spent, because they were now simply two, large naked men slowly punching and pushing at each other, and they were wheezing hard.

Patrick Til-Bury and that Glinty asshole tried to pull them two huge bastards apart.

I pulled back around the corner and pressed my bloody cheek to the wall.  The wood against my cheek was dry so it soaked up my blood.  I heard the truck inside awaken from its slumber.  Joey would drive now.

I pulled my cheek away and felt the wood tug at my skin.  What the hell?  Great.  Now I was blood brother to the barn.

I was blood brother to this nexus.

I stepped back, looking at the place where my blood had been.

That was when the doors to the barn burst apart into flying boards and that huge truck with the solid guard-rail attached to its nose roared out into the sunshine.

That was exquisite sight to behold.

Joey looked down at me from the cab, and he said, “Hey little girl, wanna ride?”

I laughed, even though I was panicked.

Joey said, “Let’s go home Weeee-ill!”

Best idea evah, my friend.

I said, "We can't forget Bryan!"  I pointed to the other side of the barn's corner.

Joey's shoulders slumped at the steering wheel.

He knew I was right.

You never leave a man behind.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out, 

...till next time.


Dead End Friends   by Them Crooked Vultures   

Floater   by Waldeck    


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