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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I really need to learn to shut the fuck up and let the story unfold.  Show, don’t tell.

Where Is My Mind   by Maxence Cyrin  (Original tune by the Pixies done by this excellent pianist)

Gregor raced off after the spark as it sped far beyond him in the pitch black of eternity.  He raced to catch up to her, but she was very quick.

He had never before felt alone like this. 


Abandoned by his One?

You see, whom he thought was his woman had a good lead ahead of him, and he felt as if he would lose her. 

He focused his fear on that tiny spark.  He did not want to be left behind.  He did not want to left alone. Everything that he had worked for in the desert was gone now.  

When all is lost, what do you have?

Lost in the eternity of the abyss, you may have to navigate among the sparks and glints… and even the stars and galaxies… until you re-connect with your One. 

Perhaps we are indeed connected in a deeper manner?

If we are the only ones who exist in the whole universe, then you have to keep finding your One over and over again after you become apart from her.  

If you only get one pass for this life,

…then you truly have nothing at all when you lose your One.

Gregor did not know that he had abandoned his wife back there in that tunnel.  He thought that he was following her.  How horrible to find out this fact, once he arrived back home, back at the Purple Mansion.




The Chauffeur was very good at navigating in the darkness as well you know by now. 

He sought the Purple Mansion, from where these three had begun in this part of the tale.  He simply did not know that the one who had killed him there in the guest cottage was now in control of the power that lied there.

Sven had Walked-In to the body of the prodigal son, whose name was Richard.

Sven the original cannibal for them Walk-Ins, well, he had taken control up there. 

He had changed things.

Up ahead, Gregor saw the spark as it halted its acceleration, and he watched it as he got closer.  The spark flitted about other sparks in the dark emptiness of space and time.

What was his beloved doing? 

Why hadn’t she waited for him? 

He had never thought that he’d be abandoned by her after all the years of their trials and tribulations. 

It was unnerving.

(This will be continued on the weekend, and will be long and hard as we revisit the Purple Mansion and see what Sven had been up to.)

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.


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