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Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Tiny gems glinted in the pitch black void.  How near?  How far?  There was no distance, and time did not exist for him,


Christopher was a chauffeur without a car to drive.  He had lost everything that meant anything to him. 

It just hadn’t sunk in yet.  It was a dream he felt he would awaken from soon.  It was a horrible dream. 

Bad Apple   by Gauntlet Hair   

He saw the two purple glints that had followed him and he went to them.  He watched them hover about each other, near another, solitary gem that had no hint of color.  He watched those two purple sparks try to enter the same gem at once, and then they would get tossed away from it.  But they did not give up.

He shot off to it and hovered and then he peered closely at the white gem.  It was a portal into another room, and inside, he could make out the face of a man with a bloody face.  This man was not long for the world.   It was useless to enter the gem.  It wouldn’t last for very long.  How many times could one choose a new gem, a new portal?

Christopher eased back from the damaged gem and turned to find the purple sparks.  They had moved closer to each other and away from him. 

He shoot right up in front of them and looked closely at them.  He saw the faces of the old man and his wife from before, from the séance table.  They looked younger, however, and afraid.  They did not have their lavender marble mansion or their velvet covered chairs anymore.  They had as much as he, which was nothing.

He turned away from them and flew off to other sparks. 

The other two followed him, zipping about like fireflies testing out their new wings.

Christopher felt the light glow about him as he walked in to a new person.  He looked about and saw others lying in the dark pools of liquid with torchlight flickering off a few yards.  The torch stood like a sentry, stuck into the mud and muck of the water’s edge.  At almost the same instant, he watched two others folks near him jolt awake.  The three of them lied in a jumble of bodies in what appeared to be a tunnel.

He knew that the other two were the old man and his wife.

He had counted on this.

See you this weekend.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

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