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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Death Of Sven Slindliverinn

Awolnation.  Kill Your Heroes.

Evil is not a red dude with a ram’s horns and the rams’ cloven hooves.

Evil is an un-welcomed component that exists within every creature on earth.

Always remember this: Evil must never be welcomed into your heart.  If it that occurs to you, then you must discover Redemption, if you can.

Evil must be stopped.

+   +   +       +   +   +

The soft sibilance in Seen’s left ear spoke his name, as he was considering Evil deeds.  That Walkin got the willies.

He shuddered, even as he grabbed the black duffel bag he’d discovered when the old guy was passed out across the table from him.

Inside this large black bag was a curious accoutrement of shiny tools, and he’d discovered the use of one of these interesting things to remove the toes of his new acquaintance and place five of these small digits into a demitasse, which is French for "half a cup of toes."

-   -   -   -   -  


He jumped up and whirled around.  There was no one there at all.  He whipped about, and went to check on the front door.  It was locked.

He scrambled in a panicked state and investigated each door to other rooms, and came back to the table.


He looked in cupboards, under the sink, and in closets, under the couch, and even in ashtrays.

He was new to this apartment, this building, this city, this world,

in this time period.

He shivered.

“Sssseeeeeeen.”  It sissed in his right ear this time.

He whispered, “Who are you?”

She answered.   It was the cold breath from a grave that had not been dug yet.  It was a new ghost, and so he did not know her.

She had anger in her voice.

She whispered back in his ear, so close it made him jump.

“I am the one who will send you back.”

R U Mine?  Arctic Monkeys, lyrics only. 

Sven belonged to Seen now.

But Seen did not know that he had other things to consider.

Evidently, he belonged to someone new.  Someone he could not see. Someone he could not feel.

How odd for a Walkin to seek "feelings."

Eternals do not hold emotion.

Emotion is a human thing.

Yet, he was in a human vessel.

Never the twain should meet.

See you on the weekend, my friend.

It's going to be ugly.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.


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