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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekend At Willies Ch Seven: Berry Stones


Spoon. Don’t You Evah. This excellent version was put up by FatBoyGang. Thank you Sir.

The Little Lion Man Joey searched for a flat roof nearby. All were out of reach. Those, you know, hold many stones upon them. They add weight to a flat roof’s waterproof covering to keep it secure. He could use those stones to awaken sleeping cars. He would chuck them over the cars to set off their alarms for his escape.

He ran up to the top level of the parking garage and looked around at the nearby structures. They were all out of reach, unless one could fly across alleyways like a badass, but fake.

He roared in his disappointment and whipped around to bail on his plan.

Then he saw the flat roof atop the stairwell-elevator structure he'd just come from.


Joey grinned.

He could clamber atop it, harvest his stone berries, and then run down to the lowest level, nearest the main exit, and cast his seeds far and wide. He would be like Johnny Appleseed, planting a crop of screeching cars.

+ + + + + + +

Seen eyed the devices that the doctor had around him. One hung from his neck on both sides, with a grabbing-sort of thing affixed to one end, and a silver medallion on the other.

Sean said, “Excuse me, young man, what do you intend to grab with that contraption?”

The doctor looked to the stethoscope that Seen pointed at. He pulled it off his neck and put the earpieces in his ears. He held out the other end. He said, “This is to listen to your heart.” He felt looked at the teenager in front of him and wondered why the boy had called him a young man.

Seen’s eyes widened. “How do you get it into my chest?”

The doctor laughed and shook his head. Such a curious teen. “With this, I can hear your heart without any bodily intrusion. I will not be injuring you at all.”

Seen exhaled. “Thank goodness. I thought you wanted answers from me or something.”

The doctor smiled back at the large teen, but this odd exchange between them made him wonder about the mental state of the boy. He had indeed taken a blow to the noggin.

+ + + + + + +

Bryan shivered. He backed away from the metal cot and held his breath.

He could hear nothing. Nothing called to him from the depths of blackness and despair. There was nothing there, and it chilled his hackles to the bone.

Death is nothing. It is nothing at all, but it is not empty there.

- - - - - - -

Tellesco got that heavy iron beast rolling hard, and then he shouted over the howl of the powerful engine. “Where are we headed Mr. Will?”

I had no clue. “I can’t take you back to my place in this hearse! Maybe we could go to yours?”

He thought for a moment and then looked down at his naked state, and then back to me with sad eyes.

His parents would wonder about that. We would need to clothe him first.

But how? Where? And then what?

Tellesco flicked on the radio and found his favorite station. His favorite 80’s song was playing, and he began to hop about while he drove, singing along. The leather squeaked against his bare ass and man junk. Gross.

La Roux. In for the kill.

- - - - - - -

“Hello, this is Trish Tocker for KFUK-TV with a bulletin for you about the great explosions up to the north of Fuckno. Details are coming in here about a series of car crashes up beyond the drowned mansion and its exploded car garage. Police are now on a man-hunt for the folks who caused all of this damage. There might have been some people killed in the car crashes. I mean, like, totally Wow! I promise you, I will not be leaving this awesome news story. I’ll be here all night and I’ll keep you informed! Back to you in the studio, so you can run the footage of this disaster over and over again! I think we may even get coverage by Cable Unlimited News! CUN! Yay!”

+ + + + + + +

Bryan exhaled and shook out his arms. He reasoned with himself. It was all nonsense. He simply had the willies, that was all. Nothing was nothing. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

He went back to his cot and sat down and it was cold there and his neck hairs rose right the fuck up and his eyes got watery with fear.

He jumped back up.

“What the FUCK is your Problem?!”

In the cold silence of his jail cell, he heard sibilance just below the threshold of hearing.




He about jumped out of his skin.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---williesssssss out.


Here’s theWhiteRabbits. Heavy Metal.

Director, Producer, Editor, Cinematographer: Andrew Droz Palermo

That was sublime, Palermo. Do more.


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