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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


The Chairman would become a Walk-In, at the end.  He saw what this might afford him, for power when the tiles, them runes, turned and he saw that all was about to be lost.

He knew it from the runes of the Armedmenia.

But before that, this was what he faced before him, during that bright morning when the Purple Mansion was burning. 


Well, damn.

Evidently, the character Emeralda needs to have a voice.


Fighting with the tale again.

I know which way this should go next, but


So here’s her theme and I need to stop inserting chapter headings and just friggin roll with it. 

That’s what I will do.  No more chapter headings.  Just let them have their way with me.

When We’re On Fire   by Lo Fang  

Back to the drawing board.


Emeralda will have her backstory.

OK then.

God Help You.

God Help me.

---willies out.


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