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Monday, November 4, 2013

BETA: Queen Of The Desert CH 2 (to be named)

Possible tunes:

This Is The Way We Move   by Langhome Slim And The Law

Awe   by Asa

Hum Drum Blues   by The Growlers  

Surprise  by Filter  

Everything Is Debatable    by Hellogoodbye  

Elastic Heart   by SIA  

I Feel You  by Depeche Mode  

Sullen Ground   by Mount Kimbie  

Home   by LCD Soundsystem

Red Sky   by Thrice  

Tear Drop Windows   by Ben Gibbard  

Little Games   by The Colourist  

Hands Open   by Snow Patrol  

I Will Steal You Back  by Jimmy Eat World  

Oh Shit!   By Pharcyde  

My Number   by  Foals  

Not Giving In   by Rudimental  


Katheena was my star.

She rode atop a black hearse from the late 1800’s next to an old cowboy priest.  Both of them were dead.

They were heading towards us damned punks.

She had hugged me back at the baptized mansion in the first attack of them Purple Robes. 

I gotta tell you, I had been in a state of shock since them.

I did not think that any of this was happening.

This Is The Way We Move   by Langhome Slim And The Law  

(Write about meeting her again, what it meant to see her, well, sort of alive again, and what she had to say.)

She said, “You have some power.  You are the Red.  You need to step up here.”

Do you see, there weren’t only blue ghosts of lost cowboys, nor the implants of them Purple Robes.

There were the Reds.

This would be our army.

You see, the whole city of Fuckno was inhabited by them Purple Robes.

The city, the towns off-skirts to it, and the whole damned valley of the Sans Joking River Valley.

She said, “I need to tell you about what happened to Sean and Tellesco in the Baptized Mansion, right before you guys did that.  They are connected to some...  things.”

(To Be Fully Fleshed, so to speak)

God Help You, my friend.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.


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