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Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Fuckno Wars CH 33 Elucidation

Can’t Play Dead    by The Heavy   

I watched the ghost girl with my friend Tellesco, called No One by we salty men.  It gave me the fucking willies.  I hate ghosts.  Don’t you?

She touched his face and spoke to him in quiet tones.  I could see her lips move, but there was nothing I could hear from her.

Fuck that.

Big Bryan pulled me away from the frosty back yard and pointed over a mound of smashed cars in front of a huge tractor trailer that hummed.

It was painted as black as the day I was born, just the way I like my coffee.  No sugar, baby.

He said, “We gonna go now.  I’m fucked up.’

I said, “You sure?”

He nodded, and his eyes faltered for a second.  He said, “I’m sure that I am fucked up.”

I said, “We need to get Joseph.  We can’t leave him behind.”

His eyes opened wide, and he said, “Joey?  I didn’t see him! Where is he?”

I pointed beyond the big black rig.  I said, “He might be down the street.  He took off.  But he might be waiting for us down at the power station by the side of the road.  We got a little truck.”

Big Bryan adjusted his tie, which means that he got his shit together.  He shouted orders.  He took control of this fucked up evening.  He grabbed Tellesco by the collar and pulled his face to his own.  He screamed.

“Tellesco!  We gonna get Joey now!”

Tellesco wiped the tears from his eyes and growled.  He said, “No.  We going back inside this place and down.”

Big Bryan shook his head.  “You want a ride outta here, then you come with me.  Now.”

Tellesco looked down at the little, glowing blue image of a girl pasted upon the surface of reality, and he said, “Then fuck you, Sir Bryan.”

Big Bryan swung his meaty hand at Tellesco’s head and Tellesco fell to the ground.  He knelt and grabbed Tellesco by a leg and an arm, and pulled him over his shoulders.

You know, when two large men fight before you, it is quite a sight to behold.

I stepped back in the shadows with the little blue ghosts girl, and watched Bryan carry Tellesco off to the big rig.

Bryan shouted back, “Will!  Get your ass in gear!”

I complied.

Bread and Butter   by Hugo

Joey the Little Lion Man lied on the ground by the demolished power station with dirt in his scratches.  The ground does not make for a soft bed. 

His eyes rolled and he looked up into the light.  He saw two of these tiny red lights.  Then they became one; a single entity.

He pressed his hands up to the back of his head, and the small, embedded rocks on his palms rubbed against the dirt in his bloody hair.

The lights blinked at the side of a building he remembered, from earlier.  It was coming back to him.  He eased up onto his side, and looked about.  The world spun a bit, but he was coming to his senses.

What the hell was going on?  He saw the building with a huge truck inserted into it’s side like an un-welcomed intrusion.  Truck rape on a structure.

He looked to the side and saw a man lying there, unconscious.

What had happened?  What had he done?

Why did his leather smell like burnt steak?

Always mind your leather.

Bad things had occurred.  He looked up past the red emergency light of the busted building, and saw the red moon sailing high in the black sea above like the surface of the deepest ocean, glinting with sparkles of far off stars and worlds.

There is only one world with life on it.

The Little Lion Man remembered.

He would not leave anyone behind.

He had work to do.

The tiny truck rumbled quietly, parked on the side of the access road, under some trees.  He knew that his friends would never bail on him,

…as he had done.

He needed to save his friends.

It was all they had left, at this lowest point in their lives.

It was all he had, himself.

It was all he had ever truly had, you know.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out

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