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Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Fuckno Wars Ch 3 Ghost Love

Sex With Ghosts, or Sentimientos, by Ernesto Romeo

There were ghosts here, and there were purple robes on their way.

There were Walkins arriving into the city, and there were poor souls leaving.

It was a time of flux, of entropy.

Perfect entropy will exist one day with the dissipation of energy until it is equal across the universe, and all matter has dissolved from purity into a mixture.  All action and being will cease to be, for each individual singularity.  All will be one, in a mass of singularity, stretching off into eternity.

That is quantum mechanics for you.  Have a nice day.

This is to where we were heading.

The flashlight hurt my eyes, and I kicked it away.

Now was all darkness, and Joey couldn’t see. 

But of we three, two could see.

One with tears, and the other with a head wound. 

Salt water and blood. 

Clear and salty; salty and metallic.

White and Red.

The silent voices screamed in our faces in the dark.  They were wisps of human emotion, looming blue in the shadows.  They pointed to our left, as we drew back from their anger in the empty library.  They pointed to the east, you see.

Red, white, and blue will never fade.

They were pointing to a lost deposit of books, stuffed among empty beer cans in a secret compartment behind the rear seat of a once-lovely golden car with gold tinted windows that was now buried in the desert. 

We had no clue.

They were pointing at Orion, drowned and buried in the desert.

Katheena’s car had dug out the tar from the road as it screamed forth, and she had sacrificed her automobile for some reason.  Her car held those books that made the Purple Robes come speeding back to this mansion, baptized in the desert. 

Katheena had sacrificed her life.

The lost souls wanted payback for their own loss, and they were shouting.

We simply couldn’t hear them.

+++   +++   +++   +++   +++   +++  

Joey swung his light around.  He said, “Ain’t no one here.  Why you bitches whimpering!”  He was pissed off.

Tellesco, I mean No One, well, he grabbed that torch from Joey’s hand and pushed that little Messican boy to the floor.  He said, “ENOUGH!”

He shined the light onto the old man who stood there with a pick-axe in his hand and said, “You telling me you don’t see this sad bastard?!”

Joey scrambled up and got in Tellesco’s face.  He said, “You ain’t making a lot of sense here, big boy.  Next time you knock me down, I’ll shove that fucking flashlight into your ass without lube!”

Tellesco shined the light onto another ghost, and she was lower to the floor.  She held wilted flowers in her hand.  He said, “You don’t see this girl here with the missing eyes?”

Lion Man, I mean, Joey, he said, “Fuck you two.  Time to bail.  Weeee-ill said leave no man behind, but you fuckers are out of reach.”  He went to the plywood board and pushed it out, and then he slipped through.

The ghosts crowded us.  I rubbed my eyes, but they would not disappear.  Fuck it.  I turned tail and went for the plywood escape. The board was heavy, but my fright was deeper.  I slid down outside, and got held up on the nail heads at the sill.  My leather was caught.  Always mind your leather, baby.

Tellesco howled from inside.  He fucking howled.  He said, “We Can’t Leave Them Here!” 

I found Joey in the starlight, and the side of his face glowed red in the rose slit of moonlight.  He was half red.  I said, “Joseph, we will not leave him behind.  That’s not part of the deal.”

Joey looked over to the horse corral beyond, and then he looked at me.  He said, “What deal?  I didn’t make any deal!”

I said, “Shhh! Don’t be so loud.  Now listen.  There are three of us.  We are all we have!  Our deal is a pact.  It was a pact we made when the tower came down.  We are together in this, and we will not leave one of us behind!”

Joey wanted to run.  I could see it in his eyes.  He wanted to bail, and I couldn’t blame him.  I wanted to bail as well.  It would be easy to escape.  It was the easy way out.  But do you know, the right thing to do is not usually the easiest thing to do.

The right thing is the hardest thing to do.

Joey looked up into my face and he said, “I fucking hate you right now.  I can’t do this.”

Well that hurt.  But do you know, that is the rock bottom.  Shit happens.  You find your rock bottom, and then you try to dig your way out of a hole.  I watched him run off, and I didn’t say a fucking thing.  Someday, he would rue this moment, and I hoped it would be soon.

I hoped that he would live to see another day.  I knew that we did not have much time left here on this mortal plane.  Call it instinct.

Suga Momma by John Lee Hooker

I turned around, and my stomach gurgled.  I had the willies.  I did not want to crawl back inside, and see the blue faces.  I did not want to be in that hellhole.  I did not want to go forth, go west.  I wanted to head east, to the island of my nativity.

Well, fuck it, I thought.  Gonna die anyway, someday.  Might as well be for something good.  For once.

I pulled the board back and saw Tellesco in the middle of the room, and he had dropped the flashlight on the floor.  He didn’t need it to see the blue wisps all about him.  They were all laying their hands upon him.

I don’t know about you, but that is something I wouldn’t enjoy.  I didn’t want to be touched by anyone, never mind some dead folks. 

Rrrrgh.  That is the sound I made in my throat.  It is the sound you make when you have to enter a crawl space under a home that is infested with cockroaches, and they will crawl all over you, looking for a hiding place, and if you haven’t taped up the sleeves to your coverall suit well enough, they will crawl inside and along your arms down to your private areas.

It tickles.

Rrrrgh.   I crawled inside the library, under the plywood cover.  Rrrrgh.  Fuck.  Rrrrgh.

Tellesco turned around and saw me, and he began to cry.  Sad bastard.  He said, “I knew you wouldn’t bail on me Mr. Will!”

The hollow faces turned from him and they looked at me.  Just what I needed.  My skin crawled.  I saw a withered woman with no hands reach toward me.  A man wearing faded overalls who carried a pitchfork knelt down and tried to help me up, but he was a dusty photograph, cut out and taped up over the surface of reality.  I clamped my eyes shut so I wouldn’t see them anymore.

It did not help.   I felt the touch of a ghost on my arm.  I swung it off, and hollered, “Don’t fucking touch me!”

Tellesco stepped back.  It was he who had touched me.  He said, “Mr. Will, they can’t touch you!  They can’t even say anything to us!  They can’t hurt you.”

I didn’t need him to say that, because if I did, I would have been a weak man.  But it helped.

I opened my eyes and shook the shivers off.  I said, “Rrrrrgh.  Tell them to get away from me.”

I looked around the room.  Them ghosts stood back.  Well that was something.  At least they could hear me.  But anyways, Rrrrgh.  I couldn’t get rid of the creepy crawlies.  Blecch.

I said, “Tellesco, what the fuck is going on here?!”

He smiled.

Great.  No One had a clue.

Freedom at 21 by Jack White

He said, “Mr. Will, they trying to tell us something.  This little girl here keeps trying to get me go out of this room.  I dunno.  I think I should follow her.”

I sat on the sill of the busted out window, back to the plywood that hanged over it.  I said, “What about that ghost chick you been following?  Where is she?  She been talking to you, right?”

Tellesco nodded.  “She says that these folks knew we were coming.  She says that they don’t think you know your power. She’s waiting upstairs for us.”

I had no fucking clue.  I said, “We supposed to follow that little girl there?”

Tellesco said, “Nope.  This one wants me to go somewhere else. Downstairs, to the cellar.”

I said, “What about them Purple Robes?”

Tellesco said, “Oh, them?  They just got here.  They outside now.”




God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.


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